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  • Tim Lownsdale

NEB Media Releases 2020 Class Player Rankings for the State of Tennessee

NEB Media is releasing their list of the top prospects for the class of 2020 in the state of Tennessee. These athletes have been evaluated by a committee of top national evaluators.

The class of 2020 is a very talented and highly touted group of athletes.

At the top of the list is Treasure Hunt, a 6'0" guard from Hamilton Heights in Chattanooga, TN. Hunt is not only an elite player in the state of Tennessee, but is nationally ranked by ESPNW and ASGR.

The list is rounded out by other top players in the class, such as Dontavia Waggoner of the Ensworth School, and Alasia Hayes from Riverdale High School.

NEB Media will release the rankings for the class of 2019 on Monday, November 21st.

NEB Media's Class of 2020 Top 15 in Tennessee

1. Treasure Hunt (Hamilton Heights) - FBC

2. Dontavia Waggoner (Ensworth) - Flight

3. Kamilla Soares (Hamilton Heights) - FBC

4. Alasia Hayes (Riverdale) - Flight

5. Madison Hayes (East Hamilton) - FBC

6. Emma Capps (Stone Memorial) - Flight

7. Ashtin Holman (Franklin County) - Flight

8. Destinee Wells (Houston) - Flight

9. Lindsey Freeman (Wilson Central) - Flight

10. Mallory Hampton (Rhea County) - Flight

11. Tess Darby (Greenfield) - Flight West

12. Katelyn Worley (Riverdale) - Flight

13. Jenna Kallenberg (William Blount) - Flight

14. Julia Duncan (Tullahoma) - Flight

15. Brianna Dunbar (Oak Ridge) - Flight

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